Simplified view for Web Client users.

The default Web Client interface includes the [Project], [Composed Of], and [Used By] structures to show detailed design relationships. While these structures may be important for some users to see (designers), many users asked for a simplified Web Client interface. The users that requested a simplified interface usually knew some specific searching criteria (like the Part Number) that they need to search for, view, and perhaps print it if needed.

The latest Web Client now has two [Tabs] so users can either be assigned to the [Classic] or the [Simplified] Web Client view. The Administrator can configure the assignment based on the needs of the specific users. Searching from within the [Simplified] Web Client view does not force the user to determine which Projects to search within as all of the advanced searching functions have been replaced by a simple “google-type” search.

Do yourself a favor and take some time to explore the new [Simplified] Web Client view. Many users will certainly appreciate its overall ease.



Technical Videos.

Please take advantage of the technical videos that are posted at the public site ( ). While it requires a login for accessing the additional training videos, we will continue to post helpful videos on the site’s public page. The goal is to share knowledge regarding tasks that are frequently addressed at many organizations. You are able to search the videos for specific categories (DBWorks vs. DBInventor vs. Licenses etc.). Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding accessing the videos or event the technical contents of the videos.

MechWorks PDM R15 SP 2.0 is released.

This release has bug fixes, behavior changes, and enhancements. One of the enhanced areas that is worth looking at is a new set of BOM Options (Options <=> General <=> Drawings). As an example, you can now configure the resulting balloon display based on these options. It is even possible to have the Part Number displayed instead of the BOM Item Number for NO_BOM items. Please reference the release notes for R15 SP 2.0 for additional details.

Welcome to our updated web-site!

We hope that you find the updated web-site easy to navigate and full of information. Please note that it has a [VIDEOS] page. The [VIDEOS] page has videos that can be freely viewed which are used to address more of the knowledge based information. It also contains core training videos for the companies that purchase the subscriptions to its access. Please contact us if your organization would like to purchase the subscriptions to its training videos.